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State Scholarship Reverted Problem solve. Post matric scholarship

You all know that the government of Odisha gives its students scholarship facilities. Beneficiaries of this scholarship are all students of Odisha who can be pre-matric or post-matric students. In a few cases, the post-matriculation scholarship was reverted due to various reasons. If you or your relative are facing this state scholarship reverted problem, then read the article carefully to solve it.

State Scholarship Reverted Problem

Mainly this problem arises due to two reasons.

  1. If your aadhaar isn’t seeded in your bank account
  2. You are making some mistakes when filling out the online application form (such as institutional details, certificate number, etc.).

How to find the reverted problem?

First, you need to login to your state scholarship portal using your Aadhaar number and password. Then check the dashboard of your scholarship page. After clicking the dashboard, you will see that your post-matriculation application status has been reverted. After seeing the reverted problem, click on the application status. Then you can see why your application was reverted.

How to solve post matric scholarship reverted problem?

If your application is reverted due to not seeding of aadhaar into your bank account, then you need to submit the KYC application form for aadhaar link into your bank. After 7 days of submitting KYC to your bank, recheck the application status and reapply carefully.

If your application was reverted due to a mistake of documents or other details, you saw on the write side of the reverted button read as reapply. Simply reapply for the scholarship properly.

If students should first link their Aadhaar into their bank account and then apply for scholarships or carefully fill out the application form, then this problem would not arise.


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